What if I could help you become a HUGE success with your podcast?
That's completely possible for you with Amazon's Alexa.

Alexa Flash Briefings are like "micro-podcasts," they're about a minute long, air daily and grow crazy fast...organically.

Another option is to broadcast your entire podcast (longer than a flash briefing).

This gives you the amazing ability to reach a lot of people quickly and build your online authority with a once in a decade opportunity

Remember back in the 90's, brands were established by embracing the internet before main stream media did.

It was in the first decade of the 2000's when blogs and apps created household names out of regular Joe's

In the 2010's, social media & podcasts have created celebrities out of everyday people.

I think you probably realize we live in an amazing time. In the past, there were actually gatekeepers who decided whether you could reach a large audience, or not. But now we control the means of production, the means of distribution and the means of sales ourselves. Anyone who wants to broadcast to a large audience can make it happen for himself or herself. And Alexa can be a big part of that.

Alexa is your opportunity to dominate in the 2020's and beyond, but it won't last forever. By the time everyone starts saying it's the next big thing, it will be too late. Trust me, you don't want to miss this amazing opportunity!

This is why I'm here to show you how.

Wondering who I am?

My name is Rich Stevens and I got in on this very early.

I spent several month's learning and teaching myself how to make this happen.

I'm a Radio Talk Show Host. I started as a DJ on several different Music Radio Stations around the country. I have lived in Miami, Denver, Tampa, Orlando, St Louis to name a few, and I was also on the radio (WPLJ) and TV (WABC 7) in my hometown of New York City.

I've even been on several TV shows and some movies along the way too.

I have always been fascinated by technology, since I was a kid growing up in New York, and I actually traveled to Japan to see some of the coolest technology, even before we had it here in the USA.

Eventually, I used some of these same ideas to market other products and services.

And that domination is important because...

Alexa. Is. Huge.

There are currently over 100 million alexa devices in offices and homes.

It was the best selling product last Christmas and the Christmas before! Not just on Amazon... it was the best selling product EVERYWHERE!

Alexa reached a 100 million install base faster than any device in history...even faster than the Apple iPhone.

Alexa is the clear leader in voice. Most brands polled say Alexa is their choice for voice marketing, beating both Google Assistant and Siri combined.

But here's the the best part... while there are over 100 million Alexa devices in homes and offices, there are only about 10,000 Podcasts, and Flash Briefings!

Compare that with over 750,000 podcasts on iTunes and over 500 million blogs indexed by Google.

Do you really want to compete with those numbers to build your brand?

Given the choice, I'll choose 10,000 competitors instead of 500 million.

Right now, you have an incredible opportunity to jump onto the biggest marketing opportunity in history. And there's still time to compete with and win against the big boys.

But how does it work for you?

Let's start with why Alexa should be one of your Primary Content Platforms

And by "Primary Content Platforms", I mean that you need to get your podcast on Alexa up and running.

I often have folks tell me, "I'm getting ready to launch my new book, or project, so I'm real busy. I'll start my podcast after the launch."

And I say, "no, you've got that backwards. Let Alexa build you a huge audience organically that you can provide value to and then convert them into buyers on Day 1 of your launch."

Because the plain fact of the matter is...

Alexa will make any podcast or launch more successful.

Let's say you're launching a new book in a few months, Start your briefing, or podcast now and organically build an audience of several thousand listeners or more, then start teasing your book to them, and turn them loose to buy on launch day.

If you already have a podcast, even better as we can get you running in no time on Alexa!

It works because at that point, you've proven to them that you bring value and so you can convert a lot of them to buy a book full of more value from you.

Why would anyone want to launch a product, THEN try to build an audience?

That value focus is why I love Alexa.

By giving value every day, you build your authority...

You get lots of organic traffic...

 You engage listeners EVERY DAY...

You increase your conversions...

 That drives traffic to your other content...

And the result is MORE CUSTOMERS!

Now, it doesn't matter what your podcast is about you must get it on Amazon's Alexa and get more ears listening to your message!

Amazon Alexa devices, are in homes, business, even in cars now too.

Are you starting to realize how big this opportunity is for you?

I have also made it very affordable for you as well...

I cannot guarantee the price will stay this low, so get in on this today!

I will get your podcast on Amazon's Alexa for